ARCA Student Task Force

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Dear Fellow Colleagues,

Greetings! My name is Taryn Richardson and I wanted to introduce myself to you as your Student Task Force Representative for the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA). Recently, ARCA has been working to increase its student involvement. With that said, we need your help!

Currently, we are in need of a student representative from your institution. This individual would work with me to get students involved in ARCA and provide me with feedback from current ARCA student members at your university regarding any recommendations about how to improve ARCA to maximize its benefits to students and their professional development. Also we are in the process of trying to increase student chapters across institutions, please see the “Guidelines for Starting a Student Chapter” if there is any interest in starting an ARCA student chapter at your university.

If you would like more information about how to become more involved with the ARCA Student Task Force (i.e., associate and regional representative), please see the “Student Task Force Volunteer Opportunities” for more information. In addition, if you are not sure what region your institution resides in, please see the “Rehabilitation Counseling Training Programs by Region.”

For those of you, who have an active student chapter; please see the “ARCA Student Chapters” for more information.

Please visit our website regularly. This website provides information regarding ARCA, upcoming conferences, networking opportunities, and an application form. JOIN ARCA! For only $15 per year, students can enjoy the benefits of membership, which includes a subscription to ARCA’s professional journal, Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, and a quarterly newsletter.

If you are interested and know of any other students who are interested, please feel free to share this information. Please do not hesitate to contact me at with any questions or concerns.


Taryn V. Richardson, M.A., CRC

Taryn V. Richardson, M.A., CRC